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The fabric of women

Welcome to Yoniart!


Yoni is the tantric Sanskrit name for the female womb and the female organs of generation, which are considered a holy place. On this website you will find my ceramic reliefs and sewn works made from cloth dedicated to the Yoni. My central symbol and motif is the Vulva.


In my artwork I am contemplating this mysterious place –part of the female centre– that is hidden, revoked from view. “Source of the world,” place of longing and desire, of lust. Symbol of the feminine, of receiving, and of birth-giving. Beautiful and unique as each individual woman. At the same time, it is a place often still unfamiliar to many women themselves. And aside from the beauty and wonder, having a Yoni sadly often correlates with not being safe or well-treated in many places around the world.


What do you see?

I invite you to open your senses and look without shame.


Click here to see the Yoni-Picture Gallery


Jump here to Baubo-Project

Through lifting her skirt The goddess Baubo helped Demeter to retrieve her laughter! Submit a photo of you doing the same – as a gesture of female power and as a shield un-shamed humor! 


„A deeply artful work,
which can lead us women back to be more 
aware of our unique beauty
A. K. (50)