About me


My first profession is the performing arts. I have been performing on stages around the continent for the past 25 years, having showcased my work in the genres of new circus theatre, physical theatre and poetry in over 16 different countries. I am also a dedicated teacher of movement and somatic bodywork within the context of artistic degree programmes. In my second profession as a non-medical therapist with a focus on somatic practices, my focus lies on a deeper understanding of healing and self-empowering bodywork. Both poles complete and inspire each other.

A big cut was a life threatening illness eleven years ago.  Encouraged by inspiring teachers, tantric philosophy and body work, I started to take new steps. To my own surprise it was only then, that I began to explore and discover essential aspects of womanhood and femininity.


Under the artist’s name, Caludi, I have been working with ceramics and cloth on my project „The Fabric of Women since 2018.

„body poetry“ 
Malu (61)